Dr. Charlotte Rowin


Dr. Rowin brings thirty years of clinical  experience to the field. Along with having thriving practices as a Chiropractic  doctor in Rancho Palos Verdes and Torrance, Ca.. Most recently she has added a PhD in Health and Human Services to her credit and is currently lecturing in the So. Bay of Los Angeles, Ca., on Holistic Astrology.

Dr. Rowin’s new series of four ongoing classes in Holistic Astrology,  "An Eclectic Approach to your Health and Wellness", has begun. Call today to enroll in one of the classes listed below. 310-944-3780

Current Class Schedule for 2004

Beginning Astrology
The nuts & bolts

Intermediate Astrology
Beyond the basics

Advanced Astrology
Yods, interceptions & More

Integrative Medical Astrology
An once is worth a pound of cure


Natal Chart ------------------------------------------------- $100.00

Progressed Chart -------------------------------------------- $75.00

Relocation Chart -------------------------------------------- $100.00

Medscan Chart --------------------------------------------- $150.00

Holistic Analysis Chart  -------------------------------------- $100.00

Chart Comparison for Compatibility --------------------------- $75.00

Karmic Patterns Chart -------------------------------------- $100.00